Ormskirk West End Tournament registration information

Prior to registering your team we would like to highlight the follow –

The Entry Fee

£35 per team for under 6’s to under 8 and £40 per team for under 9’s and above

Your place will only be confirmed on receipt of entry fee. If you have entered a team and not paid within 14 days your place may be given to another team.

Payment details


Account Name: Deb McGovern

Sort code – 30-65-62

Account number – 19670468


Age groups used in our tournament will be the age groups for the 2023/2024, i.e., if your team is currently competing in the Under 9 age group, they will enter the Under 9 competition in this tournament.

All players must be under the relevant age on 31st August 2024 for all age groups.

Players signed for an Academy or Centre of Excellence with a Professional Club are NOT allowed to play in the Tournament. Any player reported to the committee breaking this rule will take no further part in the Tournament. If you are not sure of eligibility of a player, please check with the organisers before the day of the Tournament. Any team found to be breaking these rules may be disqualified from the Tournament.

A maximum of 3 teams per club per age group will be allowed to enter.

Each team will be limited to 10 players, 14 players for the Under 11’s & 12’s. If you register more than the permitted squad size your registration may be rejected and you be asked to resubmit.

Changes can be submitted to the Tournament Coordinator by e-mail and finally on the Day of the Tournament at Registration. Only those players registered prior to the start of the tournament will be permitted to play. It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to ensure that all Birth Certificates, ID Cards or League Registration Forms are available for inspection in the event of any disputes. The FA rules on small-sided football will be applied to all games

If you have any other queries please contact the tournament coordinator prior to registering.